As parents, it can be difficult to keep our kids busy throughout the summer. You’ve likely run out of fun things to do or are looking for budget-friendly activities. Look no further than our list of 5 DIY for kids activities to enjoy. Let’s dive in!

1. Build a Blanket Fort 

This is such a fun DIY summer activity because you most likely built a fort when you were a kid. The best part is you enjoyed the creative process of building a blanket fort and your children will too! 

How much does this DIY activity cost you ask? It’s absolutely free since it uses supplies that are likely already in your home. Here’s what you want to gather: 

  • Light blankets, sheets, or tablecloths
  • Sofa cushions
  • String, wire, or yarn
  • Laundry clips, clothespins, or binder clips
  • Dictionaries, phone books, or any heavy (non-breakable) items

After you’ve gathered these supplies, you and your kids are ready to build the best blanket fort in town!

2. Go Camping In Your Backyard

Camping is another fun DIY for kids activity, but it can also be stressful when you have young ones that haven’t experienced it. Try camping in your backyard! You’ll still be able to enjoy nature and spend some time unplugged from devices. 

Another great benefit of backyard camping is you’ll have everything you need at your fingertips. Need more drinks? Sneak out to your kitchen! Are the kids tired of playing the only boarding game you brought along? Grab another one from inside!

Not only is camping a fun DIY activity, but it takes the hassle of packing for parents. 

3. Have a Water Day

Pick a day to spend outside getting wet. If you have a pool, great! If not, there are other fun things you could do such as: 

  • Have a water balloon fight
  • Play water limbo with the hose
  • Have the kids make their own sprinkler 

4. Have an Arts and Crafts Day

Arts and crafts are perfect activities for keeping kids busy. There are so many crafts you can choose from. Our favorite summer craft activities include painting a birdhouse, making airplanes from popsicle sticks, or for more challenging crafts — origami! 

5. Plant Some Flowers

Children are curious little creatures and like to get their hands dirty, so why not put them to work! Planting seeds, caring for growing plants, and experiencing the cycle of life may just give them a new hobby!  

Seeds for flowers are sold at almost any store. Take your kids with you and have them pick out their favorite flowers. Don’t forget to grab some potting mix while you’re at it!

Enjoy Your Summer With These DIY Activities 

Whether it’s backyard camping or having a water day, these DIY for kids activities are sure to keep your kids busy all summer long!