Vacuuming is an essential part of your home cleanliness regimen. It’s especially important to vacuum regularly and properly if you have carpet. It may seem like a simple task, but there’s more to it than you think. It’s possible you’ve been vacuuming incorrectly all this time!
Let’s explore some important aspects of vacuuming or what you can do to avoid vacuuming altogether!

1. Create a Vacuuming Routine

Many people only vacuum once the carpet starts to look grubby. If so, you aren’t vacuuming frequently enough. By this time, the carpeting is likely embedded with dust, grime, spillage, and other dirt that you cannot see. This is difficult to remove without doing a deep clean.
By keeping to a routine, you’ll prevent a build-up of dirt. This will save you money, as a deep clean can be more costly.

2. Set the Correct Speed

Ensuring your vacuum cleaner is in the correct settings for your requirements will also help you get a better clean. While we’re talking speed, it also helps to vacuum at a slower pace. Working over areas too quickly may result in a lot of dirt and debris getting left behind.
Be sure to move the machine back and forth over each area for ultimate cleanliness. This technique loosens dirt that the vacuum machine can then pick up.

3. Spend More Time in Busy Zones

Some areas get more traffic than others. Consider hallways, living rooms, kitchens, and mudrooms. This automatically means there’ll be more dirt in these areas. If you have a lot of coming and going in your home, you may need to do a thorough vacuuming in busy zones as often as every second day or even every day. At the very least, twice a week will do.

4. Clean Your Vacuum

Your vacuum cleaner will work much better if it is in good condition. The machine needs good airflow to function optimally. This involves cleaning the vacuum and canister clear after each use.

5. Purchase the Right Machine

Many different vacuum machines are available, many of which are designed for a specific purpose. Some have beater bars; others do not. Make sure you get the suitable model, so you get the best clean.
For example, machines with beater bars may damage carpeting with natural fibers. You can also get makes that are designed to clean particular room designs properly.

Become A Vacuuming Pro

Knowing to vacuum like the pros, you can get the most out of your home cleanliness routine. Or, if this is not for you, why not enlist some help?
LuxPro Carpet Cleaning can sort out the problem for you! Contact us today to find out how we can help.