The mighty season of renewal is here, and as the cliched (but true) saying goes, with great power comes great responsibility. Anybody can conduct a spring cleaning session, but it takes skill to do it well. We hone in on some simple but effective springtime practices that will deliver desired results. 


Follow a Systematic Process 

A systematic process ensures that you don’t miss a spot while keeping your household clean. You may do so by tidying room-by-room and applying a three-step process, such as identifying the mess, categorizing/prioritizing each item, and discarding the unwanted stuff. 


Improvise with Coffee Filters

The absorbent material of coffee filters makes them ideal for cleaning the screens of your tv, computer, and tablets. A simple dab should do the trick, without exerting too much pressure. 



Use the Light to Your Advantage

Spring brings clear weather and a healthy amount of sunlight that you could put to good use in your home tidying routines. Open your windows and let natural light illuminate your interiors to gain a better view of the spaces to identify the spots that require a second round of cleaning and help to brighten the look for your furniture.  


Call in the Professionals 

While most homeowners can handle basic sweeping and packing routines, some specialized tasks could benefit significantly from professional assistance. 

For example, optimal maintenance of upholstery and carpets requires more than a cursory wipe or vacuum. Contaminants often penetrate deep into fabric fibers, resulting in unsightly stains and odors that will chase any self-respecting spring guest into the woods. 


By hiring LuxPro Carpet Cleaning’s services, you can expect commercial-grade methods that pull no punches in restoring and maintaining your home furniture and fixtures in spring and beyond.