Countless pathogens are swirling around our living and working environments at any given time. These microscopic organisms remain unseen and cause myriad health issues and allergic reactions when inhaled or in contact with your skin. Pathogenic fears and concerns have heightened with the pandemic, making professional fogging services more vital than ever. 


LuxPro offers a comprehensive fogging service that will help eliminate the most persistent and harmful agents, keeping your spaces safe for all occupants and visitors. 


Hiring a Top Fogging Specialist 


Fogging experts abound in modern times. However, it is essential to note that vendors have varying service and quality standards. During these trying times, you’ll need a fogging specialist you can trust to deliver top solutions that work against the hardiest contaminants.


Disinfection is a Must


Standard fogging techniques effectively eliminate existing pathogens in an area. However, for truly lasting results, your specialist should always include disinfection. Disinfected surfaces prevent the recurrence of pathogens by disrupting their metabolism and destroying them from inside.


At LuxPro, we apply a broad-spectrum disinfectant that eliminates diverse pathogens with 99.9% effectiveness within 30 seconds. 

Specialized Fogging 


A reliable fogging specialist should apply the most advanced and industry-supported techniques in their sessions. At LuxPro, we use leading cold fogging methods proven to delay the spread of COVID-19 infections. 


Our ultra-low volume foggers will permeate your spaces, intercepting and locking down airborne pathogens. Additionally, we provide our fogging services with aromatic vapors that will instantly revitalize the ambiance to give you a sense of comfort. 




Safety should remain a priority while you exterminate those pathogens. By hiring a leading name like LuxPro, you can expect a food-grade safe and residue-free solution that offers you peace of mind. 


Reach out to LuxPro for a free estimate today and give yourself the protection that you deserve.